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New Moon in Leo 2022

When the New Moon in Leo takes place on July 28th, we are being gifted an opportunity to speak life into our deepest desires. Leo represents a passage home to our hearts and its deepest longings. The new Moon is an energetic reset, when we have the opportunity to start anew, plant the seeds we need for nourishment this cycle….it is a time to dream and welcome a new reality. IT IS TIME TO GO BIG !!!! It wants you to take up space and reach your highest potential (personally, romantically, and professionally).

Leo is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the Sun. Like all of the fire signs, it helps us kindle & maintain our internal flame. Leo helps us connect to the very source of our energy…our REASONS WHY. It reminds us that our healing comes from within. We do not need to seek external validation. The true path home is within our hearts. It is a loud reminder to unabashedly continue (or start) showing up as yourself even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Sometimes we bury our truth deep within our fears. The New Moon in Leo will open you up to the best and brightest version of yourself.


What makes you feel vulnerable or insecure?

Where do you fear rejection the most?

Are you planting seeds in fear?

What ideas/thoughts support you living OUT of alignment?

*** write your answers and place them under a black candle or speak them down into the candle and state that you are releasing your attachment to them ***

What do you love doing?

What makes you feel alive?

What does alignment look like to you deep within your heart?

*** write your answers and place them under a yellow or gold candle. Speak what you envision down into the candle before you light it ***

Items to Gather for This New Moon in Leo

Candle Colors: Gold, Yellow, White, Black

Herbs/Incense: Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Hyssop. Calendula, Benzoin, Copal, Eyebright, Cinnamon

Crystals/Gemstones: Labradorite, Black Moonstone, Obsidian, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli

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