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Apothecary Candle: Moon Phases


Our Moon Phases Apothecary candles are hand poured, charged with the Full|New|Waxing|or Waning Moon. Each one contains a proprietary blends of herbs, oils, and resins specific to working with the energy of each phases of the Moon. Each candle comes adorned with a crystal or gemstone and includes affirmations & suggestions to optimize the potency of the candle.

•○• Full Moon Magick •○•

A blend of essential oils, herbs, resins all to call in the energy of the Full Moon. Topped with a piece of Moonstone and Resins


•●•New Moon Candles•●•


Our apothecary candles are blended specific to the aspect of the Moon you are working with. Perfect for setting intentions, opening yourself to new ideas, and realigning with your goals, our New Moon candles are top with Labradorite and Peridot.



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