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Combining the magick of herbs, oils, resins, flowers, & crystals to bring you our metaphysical medicine in necklace form versus a pouch. 

We have 7 to choose from:

1. Lightbeings - a combination of Citrine with herbs and resins,  that draw abundance and prosperity.

2. a Love Supreme - Rose Quartz, organic rose petals, hibiscus, and herbs and resin to promote self love.

3.Pure Protection -Amethyst and all herbs and flowers for protecting you from negative energies.

4. Empath's Protection - a combination of gemstones with Peridot and herbs and resins for protection and energy clearing

5. Bliss - Ruby & Rose Quartz with a blend of herbs and resins specific to aligning with your bliss and unconditional love

6. Osun's Blessings - Citrine, Golden Topaz, Calendula and a blend of other herbs and resins to honor Osun

7. Goddess Supreme - Amethyst and Moonstone with a blend of herbs and resins to align with the Godess within


We will create a custom amulet specific to your needs.

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