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Apothecary Candle: Serenity (Hand Poured Jar)


The goodness we bring you will touch your soul!!

Handpoured candles made with the purest intention. Intuitively created with crystals, herb/resins, pure essential oils, ethically sourced ingredients, Reiki, & LOVE. Our oil infusions are charged for at least 3 lunar cycles before we use them making each blend extra potent.

You will feel the difference in each one!!

We make small batches with pure intention and immeasurable LOVE. Quantities are small so order soon.

Our Serenity candle is to remind you that the space between peace and joy resides within. A blend of essential oils with key notes of Lavender, Chamomile, and Bergamot. It is then adorned with a piece of Amethyst.

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