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Womb Release Kits w/ Yoni Steams, Crystals, Chakra tea, & Custom Votive Candle


Combining our Yoni Steam (Bajos) with a meditation/mantras, a sacral chakra votive candle, Chakra tea, & intuitively selected crystals, we have created a sacred womb kit to help you energetically release and clear your Sacred Space. We tend to carry and hold onto stagnant energy, past pains, karmic energy from our lineage, and womb trauma in our Sacred space. I wanted to create a kit that would help facilitate healing and opening a dialogue with ourselves thus being able to help you embark on a healing holistically (mind, body, & spirit)



There are several kits to choose from


1. Birth Trauma Womb Release

helps to release any out of balance energy from having a traumatic birth experience


2. Womb Trauma Release

helps to release any trauma that may have occured.


3. Tantric Womb Release

helps to release past karmic energy from previous partners and to fully connect to your current partner.


4. Goddess Womb Release

helps us to tap into our true Goddess self and be open to our intution by releasing stagnant or negative energy


Kit includes 1 ounce of Yoni Steam mixture. Additional candles are available for purchase separately.


The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel in the lower belly. This is the Second Chakra and is also called the Splenic or Spleen Chakra. The ancient Sanskrit word for this chakra is Svadhisthana meaning “sacred home of the self.”


The Sacral Chakra holds the energy of creativity, procreation, sex, morality, and control. Your dreams fantasies and emotions are also governed by this chakra. This Chakra is associated with emotions, feelings, states of desire and imagination.


You get your sense of freedom and being open to change through the Sacral Chakra. It allows flexibility and flow in your life.


The Sacral Chakra is associated with the color orange or red-orange. This chakra often offers us the opportunity to lessen our control issues and find a balance in our lives, teaching us to recognize that acceptance and rejection are not the only options in our relationships. The process of making changes in our life stream through our personal choices is a product of Second Chakra energy. A well-functioning Spleen Chakra helps one to maintain a healthy yin-yang existence.


Chakra Two - Associations


Color - orange

Sanskrit Name - Svadhisthana

Physical Location - lower abdomen to the navel

Stones and Crystals – Orange Calcite, Vanadinite, Carnelian, Fire Agate, Moonstone, Aragonite, Amber


Associated Endocrine Gland - Pancreas


Purposes - emotional connection


Spiritual Lesson - creativity, manifestation. honoring relationships, learning to "let go"


Physical Dysfunctions- low back pain, sciatica, ob/gyn problems, pelvic pain, libido, urinary problems


Mental and Emotional Issues - blame, guilt, money, sex, power, control, creativity, morality

Information Stored Inside Sacral Chakra - duality, magnetism, controlling patterns, emotional feelings (joy, anger, fear)


Area of Body Governed - sexual organs, bladder, lower back, ovaries, testes, womb, uterus, fluids


The Sacral Chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it’s open, your feelings comel freely and are expressed without being over-emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality. If you tend to be stiff and unemotional or have a “poker face”, the Sacral Chakra is underactive and you’re not very open to people.


If this chakra is overactive, you tend to be emotional all the time. You’ll feel emotionally attached to people and you can be very sexual.


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*stones vary in size and color



* not intended to diagnose or cure any illness. Not FDA approved. Consult with your health practitioner prior to use. Do not use while pregnant.

Which Chakra tea would you like?

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